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We're a social first company bound together through our moral compass and shared values. And while we're pretty diverse, we're aligned on what matters.

We're not a bloated agency with heavy overheads. Instead, we’re nimble, agile specialists supported by digital project and account managers who build the best teams for you.

The executive team.

Toby's relentless vision for leveraging the power of digital to drive positive change is why Bright/Shift exists. He is communication savvy with formidable technical and creative expertise. Toby’s electric energy and know-how makes anything happen - the proof is in our client's success. Toby founded Bright/Shift with a vision to make the largest social impact possible with a new generation of business. A serial digital entrepreneur, he launched a video production company at the tender age of 13, and hasn't sat down since!

Talia is our jack of all trades and master of many. She leads on building the operational and data systems which is the foundation of Bright/Shift. Talia holds responsibility for our company processes and shapes our strategic acumen for Bright/Shift scaling. She is the technical and business powerhouse for our clientele, with an ability to turn complexity into a straightforward goal drop. Talia’s implementation of tech solutions and operational oversight ensures Bright/Shifters work smarter and harder. Which means our clients get the best work in the best time.

Nick brings serious clout to Bright/Shift as a seasoned digital marketer - he's also a trained classical musician! Nick's intellect, wise perspective and long-termist approach are invaluable for our team and our clients. A performance marketing specialist, Nick has over 15 years experience in major agency groups in various roles across B2C and B2B. He has led client relationships with Microsoft, BlackRock and Unilever among many other startups and SMBs. Nick is a results-orientated person and delivers success after success for our various clients.

Tim is an indispensable part of the team, responsible for Bright/Shift’s business expansion and new clientele. Tim has worked tirelessly across digital media, sales, marketing and consulting for 15 years at both start-up and corporate level. His portfolio includes brands like HSBC, UBS, Mercedes and Credit Suisse. Tim’s tenacity and knack for communications, entrepreneurship and innovation are invaluable for our clients. He is also known for launching Liquid Logical, a technology company changing the way people heat water.

the bright/shifters.

Diverse, experienced specialists who pair expertise with purpose.

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From one-off projects to ongoing retainers, we've got talent on tap. We're all about business class quality for our clients and because of this, only take a fixed number of clients every quarter.
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