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Social good with an ROI

Strategy that speaks.

The right strategy is the crux of every thought, idea, project and campaign. It's the silver bullet which sets your company up for sustainable success.

Our team works with you on your purpose, mission and core values to design a strategy which every digital experience flows from. We bring your team together, unearth the golden nugget of who you are, and create the recipe you need to trigger domino-effect change. 

If that’s not your preference, we’ll do the thinking for you and go ahead with campaigns which capture imaginations and convert your consumers.

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measurable campaigns.

Crafting campaigns that inspire action is what we do best. We leverage the hyper-targeting capabilities of social platforms, paired with our 500k strong authentic influencer network to amplify your message in a way that drives accountable performance. And our bespoke platform ensures we are measuring and optimising your campaigns, placement by placement.

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purpose-driven branding.

Without a strong brand, your audience remains passive consumers, not loyal followers and brand advocates. When your audience believes in you -  your integrity, purpose and value offering - their influence can catapult you into success beyond your imagination. 

The new generation, and the old, want to support companies that are good for the world. Bright/Shift takes the lead on defining your brand and partners with you and team to empower you to drive your own success. We help you create moments worth sharing, stories worth loving and communities which grow.

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Content creation.

People care about having a purpose and taking part in something greater than themselves. Content is king in this regard!

How your brand establishes authority and shares your message is through excellent content - whether in writing, through tone of voice or visual campaigns. We are experts in all things content: from motion graphics and design, viral videos or documentaries and so much more. Our global Bright/Shifter network has all the content creator talent you need - we will create the team you need.

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agile support.

Our power lies in our capability to bring the right people to you. We talk through areas where you want bespoke input, then choose and place a Bright/Shifter specialist by your side. From sustained retainer support to time-bound input, we structure relationships on a needs-only basis.

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Partner with us.

From one-off projects to ongoing retainers, we've got talent on tap. We're all about business class quality for our clients and because of this, only take a fixed number of clients every quarter.
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