Viral Amplification

The story.

HOWND wanted to build awareness of their cruelty-free dog care brand at Christmas. We devised a strategy to leverage the beloved “Christmas TV ad” format, designed for the 21st century as social and “viral-ready”. We used social data to discover the ultimate timing and placements to give us our best shot at virality, and leveraged dog lovers within our influencer network to share the film with their audience. Our outcome was a highly successful viral video that outperformed the multi- million pound Sainsbury’s Christmas ad for both views and engagement on social media. It provided HOWND with widespread awareness of their brand and the #AdoptDontShop campaign.

“I came with the story I wanted to tell, but it was Bright/Shift who were able to visualise it and bring it to life. They knew exactly what the film would look like, and how it could reach the masses through social media. The results speak for themselves - phenomenal!”

Jo Amit, Co-Founder

The results.

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