Which of the 17 SDGs is most important to you and why?

Collaboration. We live in a world where we need to collaborate, and if we cannot collaborate effectively then we cannot meet all the other goals. We have gone from where one organisation is capable of doing everything, to not even one country being able to do everything. We need to collaborate.

What tangible impact will Agriledger have in 10 years time?

It's going to allow people who are marginalized to be able to participate in a greater economy.

What’s the Vision for Agriledger?

This is probably bad to say, but I'll be very happy if somebody does it better than me. I have enough humility to realize that I may not know all the answers, but what I do hope is that we have accepted this concept of being able to, for at least higher value goods, create trust, not only between the farmer, but also the customer, because the customer will benefit from this technology.

What impact will AgriLedger have on others?

It's not only farmers, it's anyone who works. Farmers are the first entrepreneurs, and they have been subjugated to the market systems that we have now, and there’s an imbalance. That imbalance has also created a lot of risk across it. So what we're doing is we are rebalancing the risk.

Farmers have all the risk. They’ve got the risk that the farm is not going to deliver, or that they won’t be paid. So the solution is to make them a service provider. They do what they do well, increasing accountability.

What do you want your great grandchildren to remember you for?

That she made a difference, even when people said it couldn’t be done. People like to say ‘as a woman...’ or ‘as a woman of colour...’ but if you let the negative cloud in you, you fail. So don’t doubt yourself and know your value.

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