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Companies who stand for something, stand out. We work with disruptive businesses whose mission is to create meaningful, positive change.

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We are experts at creating and executing strategies for great causes, turning ordinary ideas into brilliant ideas. Through agile campaigns and powerful marketing, our partners achieve business success, shifting people’s behaviour, hearts, and minds.

why we've arrived.

We believe the old agency model doesn't have the agility to help modern companies scale and become truly sustainable. Business success and societal impact are interdependent. Thriving organisations are socially responsible organisations. In our world, that's a win-win.

Bright/Shift is reinventing how marketing agencies shape consumer opinions - for good. We exist to bring hope and drive optimism, accelerating forces for good in a time of turbulence and global crisis.

We don't believe in shortcut tactics and meaningless heroics. Creating a brighter future is a big responsibility, and is born from big ideas. We're the right people for the job, and so are our partners.

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the company we keep.

The partners we work with are part of our movement: shifting the world to a brighter place, one in which everybody wins. From corporates to start-ups, social enterprises to individuals, we’ve got the know-how to elevate your brand and mission.

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Our media platform, Give A Shift, hosts the stories and insights from inspiring people working in, on and for businesses with a social mission at their core. Our goal is to share the stories of 1,000 innovators, changemakers and thought leaders of the decade.

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From one-off projects to ongoing retainers, we've got talent on tap. We're all about business class quality for our clients and because of this, only take a fixed number of clients every quarter.

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